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Corentin Gondrand
Corentin Gondrand

PhD Chemical Biology


Estelle Bonedeau

M.Sc. Biotechnology


Jakub Slawinski
Jakub Slawinski

M.Sc. Business Administration


Prof. Kai Johnsson
Prof. Kai Johnsson

Department Head of Chemical Biology at MPIMR


Rooting in the Department of Chemical Biology at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, our team combines deep technological understanding with practical execution of bringing innovations to where they matter most - the patients. 

Meet our Team

The right

drug dose

at the

right time

living room

from your

QuantiLight is a portable blood testing platform for at home monitoring.

Millions of patients with chronic diseases require to frequently monitor their blood to adapt their medication. Current methods for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring require taking blood samples in hospitals or laboratories.

QuantiLight relives physicians, laboratories and patients. For more convenience, while saving costs and time.

The Technology

Our patented sensors are capable of quantifying biomarkers and drug concentrations with a very low limit of detection in complex matrices. These sensors are designed to emit light that changes color in response to the changing concentration of the biomarker. With high reproducibility and specificity, even at very low analyte concentrations (nanomolar) they can be easily detected using simple equipment such as a digital camera.

Bioluminescent Sensors

Our sensors find direct application in the diagnostic field, specifically for at-home monitoring. The test kit provides quantitative results for a patient’s drug levels within just 15 minutes. Thanks to these features, our rapid, affordable, quantitative and user-friendly home self-test can significantly reduce both time-to-result and costs compared to the Standard of Care.

Application in Diagnostics

40 M

patients globally with the need for TDM


of tests can be done from home

104 km

average commute per test


saving potential for healthcare systems

One drop of blood (5 μl) from a finger prick are applied on the QuantiLight test cartridge. Its design dilutes the blood in order to be analyzed.

Test Cartridge

After inserting the test chip, the hand-held reader analyzes the blood sample with our proprietary and patented technology. Results are sent to the mobile application via Bluetooth.


Within minutes patients see the current drug concentration and can adapt accordingly with their doctor’s feedback. Communication and historical data supplement the patient benefit.

Mobile App

QuantiLight in Use

We are looking for contacts with healthcare professionals, partners and investors.

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Max Planck Institute for Medical Research
Heidelberg University Hospital
Federal ministry for economic affairs and climate action
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